Horses | Birds | Wildlife | Food | Beautiful Place | Pakamisa!

20150701 - CS3_5146 - P

I spent another five very enjoyable days at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve and did quite a bit of photography work.

These are only a few of the images I took during my stay!

Photo shooting Arabian Horses,20150701 - CS3_4870 - P 2

… taking images of riders cantering on the reserve,20150702 - CS2_4878 - P

… capturing birds in Pakamisa’s beautiful gardens,20150703 - CS1_5280 - P

… working with Pakamisa’s kitchen team on pictures for new menu items,20150701 - CS2_4514 - P

… photographing wildlife on game drives and20150703 - CS1_5291 - P

…. last but not least capturing the beauty of Pakamisa itself.20150703 - CS2_5238 - P

Thanda (my South African work place and home) and Pakamisa are my two favorite places in Africa!

For more information on Pakamisa go to

5 Replies to “Horses | Birds | Wildlife | Food | Beautiful Place | Pakamisa!”

  1. Hi there Christian, It has been a really crazy busy last two months so have not replied to many of your post but I sure have enjoyed them, as always!!! Pakamisa has obviously become your home away from home. Must be wonderful horseback riding to see the wildlife and the reserve does look beautiful. So happy for you living your dream and thanks for continually sharing it with all of your fans!

    1. Thanks Sue – This is a most beautiful place and I enjoy my visits very much. The people, the location, the wildlife and last but not least the horses make this a very remarkable place.

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