This morning as I drove up to the Thanda Safari Lodge. A Serval hunting on the Savanna. What a start to the day!

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The Species Galleries (1)

Species Galleries_1

My image library contain thousands of wildlife images, which I took since I started wildlife photography in 2002. Keeping these images organized and available for people to look at is not an easy task.

End of last year I started a project to categorize all these images in ‘species galleries‘ and also put them online. I am currently working on African Mammals, followed by Birds, Snakes, other Reptiles Insects and Plants. After Africa I am planning to work on images from species of other continents.

Have a look at the first ten of these galleries at (African Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, African Wild Cat, Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros, African Elephant, Caracal and Serval).

Please contact me at in case you are interested in publishing any of these images or if you would like to license any image for printing (for personal or commercial use).

I will let you know once I upload new galleries. Stay tuned!

Rare Sightings!

Sorry for not blogging for a few days. I was very busy guiding and teaching photography. Now I am off work for seven days 🙂

So, I thought I share a few recent and very Thanda special sightings with you.

We spotted a small Serval on the fence to our base camp. This was my first Serval sighting at Thanda …

20130425 - CS2_2579 - E - SIG

… our dominant male Lion got quite a fright when he almost stepped on this Puff Adder in the dark. The snake gave him a warning hiss and continued on its path …

20130428- CS2_3711 - E - SIG

.. and another first for me was a Secretary Bird hunting on our savanna …

20130427- CS2_2913 - E - SIG

… and last but not least two of my favorite Rhino images from the last two weeks. A Rhino illuminated with red light walking at moonlight and …

20130425 - CS2_2556 - E - SIG

… a Rhino having a mud bath – pure bliss!

20130427- CS2_2883 - E - SIG