Rare Sightings!

Sorry for not blogging for a few days. I was very busy guiding and teaching photography. Now I am off work for seven days 🙂

So, I thought I share a few recent and very Thanda special sightings with you.

We spotted a small Serval on the fence to our base camp. This was my first Serval sighting at Thanda …

20130425 - CS2_2579 - E - SIG

… our dominant male Lion got quite a fright when he almost stepped on this Puff Adder in the dark. The snake gave him a warning hiss and continued on its path …

20130428- CS2_3711 - E - SIG

.. and another first for me was a Secretary Bird hunting on our savanna …

20130427- CS2_2913 - E - SIG

… and last but not least two of my favorite Rhino images from the last two weeks. A Rhino illuminated with red light walking at moonlight and …

20130425 - CS2_2556 - E - SIG

… a Rhino having a mud bath – pure bliss!

20130427- CS2_2883 - E - SIG

8 Replies to “Rare Sightings!”

  1. Nice to be back on track with the photos beautiful serval and lv the rhino having his bath
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. Great pics, my favorite has to be the Rhino and his mud bath. He looks very happy, almost like a kid at Christmas. Hope you get to relax alittle on your time off. Have you started teaching classes there., if so thats great, I’m sure everyone would enjoy them very much. Have A Great One.

  3. Hi, was at Thanda for Graeme and Julie’s wedding on the 13/04. Derek and I were totally blown away by the whole Thanda experience. Everything was fantastic the staff were great they couldn’t have done enough for us. The accommodation was out of this world and as you know everything went well.
    Can I also say that your photography is fantastic. I had followed your photographs on Facebook a few weeks before we arrived in Thanda and I am still following your photography now we are home. Keep up the good work it must be an amazing place to work.
    Susan Whyte

  4. Definitely submit the rhino in a mud bath photo to some kind of nature photography competition – too cute!

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