Summer time = Baby time :-)

A lot of animals have their babies arrive early in the rainy season (summer). This picture is of a small Zebra foal that was born in the last few days.

We also have many small Impalas. All of them were born in the last few days.

Enjoy your week!

Bush Statistics :-)

Today I put together my Thanda sighting report. I had a total of 183 major/special game sightings since I arrived at Thanda in June.

Here are the detailed numbers 🙂
42 x Lions / 40 x Elephants / 34 x Cheetah / 32 x Buffalo / 23 x White Rhino / 3 x Spotted Hyena / 2 x Leopard / 1 x Black Rhino / 1 x African Wild Dog /5 x Others (Jackal, Python, Puff Adder, Vultures)

And here are three of my favorite pictures from this week …

… our Elephant herd moving away from me. Please note the little one (2 weeks old) in between!

… two Zebras biting one another “lovingly”

… one of the Cheetah brothers walking close to my camera (on the savanna)


Massive, Flight and Almost!

On today’s game drive we had an encounter with the massive bulk of seven White Rhinos …

… and some Zebras took flight when we approached a waterhole.

At the end of the day two male Cheetah almost caught an Impala.

We also saw an Elephant bull and a group of Wildebeest at the waterhole.

Not a bad Monday.

Love and Hate!

I love Land Rovers and I hate them!

Thanda3 is out of commission again, this time it is the front diff which is currently being replaced 😦

If I am lucky, I will have the vehicle back tomorrow evening. In the meantime I am driving a “Luxury Vehicle”, one of the newest Land Rovers, which is usually used for community trips. It got an (in-) convenient roof, which makes it quite difficult to go off-road on game drive.

Well, tomorrow is another day 🙂

And the picture of the day is a black&white image of a Harem of Zebra!


Return from Town!

When I returned from a day in Richards Bay two male Cheetahs were greeting me at the gate guard house (These Cheetah are very used to the gate traffic and ignore the guard in the building – he is perfectly safe :-)).

And once I had returned to Thanda house two Zebra had a good fight in front of the fence (the “whitish” distortions in the picture).

Before the sun set a female Scarlet-breasted Sunbird was looking for food in one of the trees in front for my room.

There is never a dull moment on Thanda, even after a day in town!

A Game Drive in Pictures!

This is the picture story of today’s evening game drive.

After leaving the camp we first encountered Giraffes with Oxpeckers on them.

We moved on to view a large group of Zebra.

Then we spotted an Elephant bull while we were looking for …

… the herd of Buffalo. The volunteers on my vehicle were most impressed when we were surrounded by one of the “Big Five”.

And while we were viewing the Buffalo we heard about a Cheetah sighting at a waterhole nearby.

After the Cheetah left we stayed until the sun was gone to take a few beautiful pictures of the sunset over the dam.

Another hard day in Africa 🙂

Birds and Laughter!

I spent my Sunday in one of the many Kwazulu Natal Parks.  Mkuze Game Reserve is one of the smaller parks well known for its birds (It’s entrance is only 40 minutes from Thanda).

I had a look at all hides at the waterholes and at the large dam on the reserve. I got pictures of many bird species and also a lot of pictures of general game (e.g. Wildebeest, Zebra, Impala, Nyala and Warthogs).

The bird I chose for this blog message is a Pied Kingfisher. This bird hovers over the water until it sees its prey (fish) and then dives into the water.

The mammal picture I chose for this message is of a yawning (laughing 🙂 Zebra.

Have a good week!