The Land between the Lakes, Reelfoot Lake and the Banks of the Mississippi

Bald Eagle on the Banks of the Mississippi. 

This week I gave two presentations at the Paducah Photography Club in Kentucky, USA and at the Northwest Tennessee Photography Club in Martin, TN, USA.

This gave me the opportunity to take pictures at the Land between the Lakes in Kentucky, at Reelfoot Lake and on the Banks of the Mississippi.

This is a link to the pictures I took during the two days. Thanks to Donna, Melanie, Roy, Roger and  Richard for their hospitality and for showing me around their “home territory”!


Enjoy the pictures.

Reelfoot Lake

5 Replies to “The Land between the Lakes, Reelfoot Lake and the Banks of the Mississippi”

  1. These are amazing photographs. Where at the Land Between the Lakes is the bison herd located?
    Priscilla Craig

  2. The elk are magnificent! The eagles as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eagle poop before! Ha!

  3. My, oh. my! These are beautiful! I have seen several eagle pictures before but I’ve never seen a pooping one (did you anticipate that one coming?!?!!) and I’ve never seen an eagle flying straight into the camera. Wow! I would say you had a very productive visit! Many grew shots!
    Hope you return soon! We enjoyed your visit so much. Your program for our NWTPC was fantastic! I learned so much from you. Thank you for coming and thank you for sharing your knowledge so generously. Gwynnie and Jazz send their regards, and we all hope you will come stay with us again real soon!

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