Cat Identification Contest :-)

If you visit my blog regularly you may have recongnised that the header shows random wild cat EYES images every time you go to the blog.

So, here is small contest for the cat lovers among you.

These are all the 18 different wild cat header images in one picture.

Below are 22 possible IDs for these cats (so I do not make it too easy I have included 4 species, which are not in the picture 🙂

The first reader of my blog who sends in the correct match list (images to names) by email to will win a 8″x10″ EYES print of the cat species of her/his choice.

A – Male African Lion / B – Clouded Leopard / C – Amur/Sigerian Tiger
D – Eurasian Lynx / E – Caracal / F – Sand Cat / G – Ocelot / H – White Lion
I – Bengal Tiger / K – Jaguar / L – Snow Leopard / M – Serval /N – Cougar
O – Fishing Cat / P – Panther / Q – White Tiger / R – Pallas Cat/Manul
S – Jaguarundi / T – Cheetah / U – Bobcat / V – African Wild Cat / W – Female African Lion

Enjoy the contest 🙂

I will publish the correct match and the winner tomorrow!

If you like my EYES images go to to see more of them.

If you would like to help to protect all the wild cats in this world go to

4 Replies to “Cat Identification Contest :-)”

  1. 1 E– Caracal
    2 G– Ocelot
    3 T– Cheetah
    4 L– Snow Leopard
    5 N– Cougar aka Mountian Lion/Puma
    6 B– Clouded Leopard
    7 K– Jaguar
    8 D– Eurasian Lynx
    9 A– Male African Lion
    10 V– African Wild Cat
    11 U– Bobcat
    12 C– Amur/Sigerian Tiger
    13 W – Female African Lion
    14 H – White Lion
    15 Q– White Tiger
    16 I– Bengal Tiger
    17 P– Black Panther
    18 S– Jaguarundi

  2. 1=E; 2= G; 3= T; 4= L; 5=N; 6=B; 7=K; 8=D, 9=A; 10 =F; 11=R; 12= I; 13=W; 14=H; 15=C; 16= Q; 17=P; 18=O.

    Thabnk you very much for the nice pitures and the game! 🙂

  3. How fun–beautiful images! I’ll give it a go, but you’ve made it tough!
    1 – E, 2-M, 3-T, 4-L, 5-N, 6-B, 7-K, 8-D, 9-A, 10-V, 11-R, 12-I, 13-W, 14-H, 15-Q, 16-C, 17-P (if by Panther you mean melanistic jaguar not Florida Panther?), 18-S.

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