Morning Mist

This is another scenic shot with an animal in it. But you have to look very carefully to detect the Cheetah in the tree.

Two groups enjoy this Cheetah sighting in the morning mist from their game viewing vehicles.

This pictures was taken at Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa.

Picture Data: Camera: Canon D30 / Lens: Canon L 100-400mm at 400mm / Mode: AV / Shutter Speed: 1/1000s / Aperture: f/5.6 / ISO: 100 / Exposure Correction +/-0.00eV / Metering: Central weighted / White balance: Auto / Time: winter morning / Freehand

3 Replies to “Morning Mist”

  1. Awsome pic Christian, To be their and enjoy all of that must be wonderful. Let me ask. Do they all ride around in open vehicles and get that close? My that’s looks close. As always thanks for sharing.

  2. In Private Game Reserves in Southern Africa usually open vehicles without roofs are used. Further up north it is usually vehicles with a roofs. But in both cases the vehicles are open. Animals in Game Reserves are used to these vehicles and do not identify humans as individuals as long as they are sitting down in the vehicle. To some animals one can get very close (as the Cheetah in this picture) from other one has to keep more distance. If the animal chooses to come close to the vehicle the encounter can be a very close one. I will publish one of my close encounters with Elephants on my blog, to show how close one can get. Thanks for the question – Christian

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