Commendation by the Mayor of Nashville

It is not often that I get caught completely by surprise.

But the proclamation signed by the Mayor of Nashville, which was presented to me at this week’s Nashville Photography Club meeting, was a great surprise.  I am very honored by this commendation from Karl F. Dean, the Mayor of Nashville.

This document will get a special place on the wall in my new home in South Africa.

Thanks to the Mayor, to all my friends at the Nashville Photography Club and to all my friends at the Nashville Zoo.

Picture: The proclamation  document was presented to me by Randy Harris (President, Nashville Photography Club / not in the picture) and Linda Hulsey (Member, Nashville Zoo Photography Club /left). Amiee Stubbs (Nashville Zoo Photographer /middle) and Dr.Heather Robertson (Senior Veterinarian at the Nashville Zoo /right) were also present at the presentation ceremony at the Nashville Photography Club meeting on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.

7 Replies to “Surprise!”

  1. You are so deserving…you truly are a great ambasador for the Nashville Zoo, Nashville and animal conservation.
    My best always to you.
    Fran Kaufman

  2. Congratulations Christian! Well deserved I’m sure! Can’t wait to see the beautiful images you send out from South Africa!

  3. Long over due. Recognizing a talented man who will leave Nashville a better place because he was there.

  4. Christian, congratulations for a very well deserved honor! I am proud to have known you and to have shared some photography outings with you on Reelfoot Lake. Your love of the great outdoors and tremendous photography skills, along with your willingness to share with others will always be remembered. Here’s wishing you great success in your future adventures.

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