Timeout :-)

From now until end of May I will be preparing my move to South Africa. This will leave me less time than usual for shooting pictures and posting blog message.

Once I have arrived and settled in at Thanda (South Africa) I will be posting again regularly (probably end of June 2012).

Thanks for subscribing to and reading my blog!

PS: I will post as often as possible during the move and let you know how it is going 🙂

9 Replies to “Timeout :-)”

  1. Enjoy the journey, CS. In many ways I envy your move, but animals in all environments need all the advocates they can get. Best wishes for your endevours, and looking forward to lots of on-the-ground reporting along with great original images. Best, Lane

  2. Christian, I will be looking forward to the new pictures. Good luck with the move and safe travels.

  3. Christian, Best wishes and safe travel to your new home. Alot of hard work to come I’m sure.Your cut out for it. It’s in your soul.The enrichment to your soul will be awesome each and everyday and worth all the hard work. The real beauty within will emerge and your life will be amazing!!(watch for the leopard with the action going to your right,it will make for one awesome picture with perfect timing) when it happens you will know what I mean.Until then have a great day and a beautiful life.Lisa

  4. Best of luck in your incredible transition! We hope all the best for you, and are anxiously awaiting updates and photos from your new life! Bob

  5. I am anxious to see the new images you will make when you reach your destination. in the meantime, to quote an Irish blessing, “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. May God hold you in the hollow of His hand.” Happy Trails

  6. Best wishes for the packing. Every sadness I have had about your leaving are displaced
    with wishes for great happiness and expectations of wonderful things in your new place. Keep us and the zoo in mind.

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