Evening Bird Songs at Thanda Lodge

In my blog message on Friday I mentioned various birds around my Thanda Lodge room.

Here are four pictures I took that evening sitting by the small pool on my porch.

They are Pied Crows (top left), a White-brown Scrub Robin (top right), a Green-winged Pytilia (bottom left) and a Yellow-bellied Greenbul (bottom right). I hope I identified them correctly (I am still a bit shaky when it comes to birds 🙂

Good night from South Africa!

6 Replies to “Evening Bird Songs at Thanda Lodge”

  1. Out of this group I kinda like the pied crows the best.Very different from the birds I’m used to seeing.

  2. Can tell you are not at all excited about being there. Looks lovely! I*’m sure enjoying your updates. Be happy and safe!!!

  3. What a beautiful country and abundant wildlife to photograph! I am envious. Stay safe..

  4. I am happy to be seeing your blog again. I can imagine the sounds you are listening to. You seem to be in a wonderful place.

  5. Good to hear from you! Glad you made it there safe. I was just talking to Gary last night wondering if you were at your new home by now. Love the birds. I went out of town last Saturday and Gary asked me if I was heading to Africa – LOL

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