Evening Bird Songs at Thanda Lodge

In my blog message on Friday I mentioned various birds around my Thanda Lodge room.

Here are four pictures I took that evening sitting by the small pool on my porch.

They are Pied Crows (top left), a White-brown Scrub Robin (top right), a Green-winged Pytilia (bottom left) and a Yellow-bellied Greenbul (bottom right). I hope I identified them correctly (I am still a bit shaky when it comes to birds 🙂

Good night from South Africa!

6 Responses to “Evening Bird Songs at Thanda Lodge”

  1. lisa watkins

    Out of this group I kinda like the pied crows the best.Very different from the birds I’m used to seeing.

  2. Sue Milligan

    Can tell you are not at all excited about being there. Looks lovely! I*’m sure enjoying your updates. Be happy and safe!!!

  3. Kathy Kester

    What a beautiful country and abundant wildlife to photograph! I am envious. Stay safe..

  4. Melanie Henderson

    I am happy to be seeing your blog again. I can imagine the sounds you are listening to. You seem to be in a wonderful place.

  5. Linda Hulsey

    Good to hear from you! Glad you made it there safe. I was just talking to Gary last night wondering if you were at your new home by now. Love the birds. I went out of town last Saturday and Gary asked me if I was heading to Africa – LOL


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