Bush Office :-)

I took this picture of a Brown-hooded Kingfisher while I was sitting at the desk in my new “South African Bush Office”.

The room is quite spacious for all the computer and photography gear I brought with me and all my the stuff that will arrive by sea freight sometime in July.

Below are also pictures of the outside of Thanda House and of my office.

10 Replies to “Bush Office :-)”

  1. Looks like your up and ready to go. Out into the wild! Your office is nice, with room on the walls to display your work, The outside structure of the building and the surrounding grounds have a nice look with such a peaceful look to it. Don’t let me leave out the brown hooded kingfisher another lovely shot of natures beauties.Have A Great Day!! and get out there and shoot-shoot-shoot!

  2. What a great set up you have! Looks like your office is very user-friendly and so spacious. And what a great view you have outside your window. You could do a whole book on the wildlife that passes near your window couldn’t you? That would be great publicity for the place you are working for now.

  3. You have a very nice office! Those cases lined up against the wall look familiar 🙂 I like the brown-hooded kingfisher, too!

  4. Looks like you have settled in nicely. Very nice. My views from the office aren’t quite that nice.

  5. Jack and I really enjoy your photos from Africa. Keep them coming! Happy you are able to live your dream.

  6. What a great office! and to be able to take a great photo while sitting at your desk. Luxury!

  7. Looks like a nice place to hang out! I knoiw you must be loving it! I really enjoy your images and stories to go along with you day. Miss you at Nashville Zoo. Clouded Leopard cubs are so cute!!!

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