Lion Yoga

What a day!

I drove for almost ten hours today and I had some amazing sightings (while I am still learning the roads – I am getting better – I now know where I am lost :-).

I saw the Thanda North Pride and the South Pride on the same day (A total of 12 lions!). One of the females Lionesses from the South Pride even performed some Yoga 🙂

Three cubs were watching me carefully and a young lion did not change his course at all and walked within inches/centimeters of my Land Rover.

And for the birders among you I caught some great images of a Little Bee-Eater flying and eating bees.

There were many more sightings, but unfortunately I cannot post all pictures today – I save them for future days without good pictures!

Enjoy the pictures!

3 Replies to “Lion Yoga”

  1. I don’t know which one of us is having more fun??? Today as I powerhosed down my sidewalk I saw a turtle, several toads and more daddy long legs than I care to think about. Later on in the day a Mama and baby rabbit feasted on the weeds in my yard…. don’t know what happened to the beautiful grass I had last year. Perhaps mealy worms. Do you think they might photograph well? (At this point I hope you are laughing with me.) I’m not at all jealous! Fantastic photos Christian. Thanks for sharing. Be safe!!!

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