The King’s Land

This evening we went up to a outlook on the newest Thanda section. This land is owned by the King of the Zulus, HM Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu, and is now managed by Thanda. It is planned to drop the fences between the original Thanda reserve and this new land soon.  Today, the photography volunteers did their sunset shooting assignment from this beautiful viewpoint.

Quite a few people have asked me about the volunteer program and the lodge.

African Impact runs various volunteer programs on the reserve. I am currently working as Thanda guide for the photography program. If you would like to know more about these programs go to .

If you like to know more about the Thanda Lodge and the Thanda Tented Camp go to I am also teaching wildlife photography to guests at the lodge and the tented camp upon request.

4 Replies to “The King’s Land”

  1. Mr.Sperka,
    I took one of the last photography classes you gave at the Nashville Zoo and I have been a huge fan from then on. I thank you for the link to the volunteer program in Thanda. I have requested information to be sent to me. I can’t wait to see more. Not only will I be able to learn about and take pictures of beautiful Africa and her animals, but I will also learn and help with them as well. What a perfect opportunity. I may have a few questions once I receive my packet so I hope you won’t mind if I ask you. Thanks for the beauty you share. You a lucky guy with a fantastic job. Thanks Marie Scott.

  2. Your teachings in Nashville were wonderful and anyone participating in your new programs will be very lucky !

  3. I recieved my pictures today.You gotta love that Vervet Monkey,his expression just makes me laugh.All the others are great too.

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