Lion Chase!

Today we had a very interesting Lion sighting. The picture above suggests that this beautiful male Lion was chasing one of our Land Rovers.

He was not!

He was following three other male Lions on a neighbouring reserve up and down the fence. A lot of growling and snarling made for a very impressive “show” for our photography volunteers.

Enjoy the pictures!

5 Replies to “Lion Chase!”

  1. Why the seperation between neighboring reserves? How does one become a volunteer photographer? Are they guest at Thanda, workers, or locals? Just out for practice for your team or what? More great photos Christian, thanks for sharing.

    1. 1. The different reserve have different owners. It is a long term goal to drop fences between as many reserves as possible, but there are many issues to be resolved in every individual case.
      2. Just go on African Impact’s webpage – it explains everything about the volunteer program. See this blog message for details:
      3. They are guests of African Impact on Thanda and they are usually from many countries (the current group has people from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, USA and France)

  2. I can’t remember, what size did you say the Thanda reserve were? Nice picture of the lion,he’s beautiful, with nice coloring of him and his surrounding scenery.Great blend of colors. I want to also say thanks for sharing,I know your busy. Have A Great Day (with a great shoot day)

  3. Chris, I feel so fortunate to receive your daily pictures. They are just wonderful. It is a privilege, and I thank you.

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