Bath Time!

Sorry that there were no blog posts on Friday and Saturday, but I drove all weekend with guests at the Lodge and had no time to blog.

One of the main reasons for not blogging was that, when I was on my way home just before noon on Saturday (to work on some pictures …), the breeding herd of Elephants crossed the Savanna just behind me. They were on their way to our largest waterhole. So I spend the next 1.5 hours there.

After arrival they not only drank, but they swam, sparred and mud-bathed.

It was incredible to see how the females took care of the youngsters and how our oldest bull made sure that no other mature bull (or any Land Rover :-)) came to close to “his family” while they were enjoying themselves in the water.

They young bulls in the group were sparring quite a bit …


… and once the breeding herd had moved of the mature bulls took a mud-bath. Especially the “old guy” enjoyed himself once everyone else had left.

I also recorded some video footage. A YouTube video will be published soon.

Enjoy the pictures and have a good week!

PS: Besides me a herd of Buffalo, a journey of Giraffe and a group of Wildebeest were watching the scene and waited for their turn to drink. The Elephants would not tolerate anyone else near the waterhole during their bath and the old bull made me re-locate a few times before he accepted my presence and I could shoot in peace 🙂

6 Replies to “Bath Time!”

  1. I haven’t sent a comment for awhile. I have been on vacation in Canada. I have enjoyed your photos, descriptions and comments so very much, as always. I am at home now and will get back in my grove. If I were younger I would go after a job like yours. Keep it coming.

  2. I’m imagining what that ‘request for you to relocate’ looks like coming from several tons of intolerant bull elephant….!!?

  3. It’s sounds like you had a great weekend. I can sense the excitment in your post.It’s always enjoyable to sit and watch family interaction time,so I know you were having fun too!! I hope your vehicle is up an running again.You too Have a great one.

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