Silent Night!


What a night!

After I finished my evening game drive and after a quick meal at Intebane camp I was ready to go home. It was a dark, warm night with many stars overhead.

Just when I left the camp I heard a Lion’s roar nearby. Just a few hundred meters (yards 🙂 up the road a large male Lion walked towards me in the dark. Once he appeared in my headlights I switched them off, stopped the engine and watched him passing my vehicle just within a few meters (using my red-filtered spotlight).

I turned my car around and started following him. He made his way around the camp and moved to a dried-up waterhole in the valley below. On his way he stopped a few times to listen to the voices from the camp and to scent-mark along the road. He finally settled down in the middle of the waterhole. I switched off my car and my lights and I did let me eyes get used to the dark.

I stay with him for a while – looking at the stars in total silence – just a few meters away from one of the most magnificent creatures on earth.

That is why I love Africa!


13 Replies to “Silent Night!”

  1. Christian, I love the wonderful pictures you send. I forward them to my son in Hundtsvilloe, AL. We miss you at the zoo. Docent, Tom Mosier

  2. What a joy to get your wonderful photos and the writeup that you give us!

    Many thanks,


  3. Beautiful!! He looks like he could be doing alittle star gazing his self. I bet the nights are beautiful with the sky filled with stars, brings back memories of my childhood in the country, where we would sit out and enjoy the stars in the still of the night, listening for the animals as they wondered near by (what simple and peaceful times)Enjoy,be safe and have a great one!!

  4. Wow, great picture. I remember sitting out at night with all of the stars when I was in Tanzania. It is incredible.

  5. The thought of being right there at a wild, quiet moment like that gave me a wonderful chill! Love your posts of your experiences…thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience! It almost made me feel like I was there too…

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