Rifles, Trails, Landis and Snakes

End of this week I will be leaving Thanda for almost a month to attend four different educational courses.

I will attend a Advanced Rifle Handling Course (to learn how to handle a rifle in a dangerous game encounter) and a Trails Guiding Course. Both course are held by Africa Nature Training (ANT – http://www.africanaturetraining.co.za). The aim of the Trails Guiding Course is to learn – in many contact sessions – how to guide and view dangerous game on foot (Lions, Elephants, Buffalo, Leopards, Rhinos, Hyenas and Hippos).

A Land Rover Experience is also on the program. The goal is to learn how to better handle a Land Rover in off-road situations. And last but not least I will attend a Reptile and Snake Handling Course.

The Advanced Rifle Handling and the Land Rover courses will be held around Pretoria, the Trails Guiding course will be held at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve and the snake handling course will be near Hoedspruit. So will be getting around a bit 🙂

During this time I will have limited internet access, so my blogs may be not as frequent as usual, but I will try to keep you updated on my trails guiding adventures!

6 Replies to “Rifles, Trails, Landis and Snakes”

  1. These experiences will be awesome for you. Have fun!! BE SAFE and post when you can.Until then have a great one.

  2. Sounds like some big projects! Be careful and have a great time learning! I’ll be out west seeing three national parks and many beautiful sights in between,

  3. Amazing the things you are doing! Love the picture of you with the rifle. Enjoy the classes and have fun.

  4. Wow Christian…sounds really exciting…just be careful handling those snakes! Will look forward to hearing all about your new ventures whenever possible. Love sharing in you living your dream!

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