Advanced Rifle Handling – DONE!

I have successfully completed my Advanced Rifle Handling Course 🙂

This was an important next step towards being allowed to walk with clients in a dangerous game areas.

This short video shows me at one of the seven exercises during the assessment (with a .375 calibre rifle / the first shot is a simulated “misfire”).

On Saturday I will be off to the Land Rover experience, then on Monday and Tuesday a snake handling course is on the program. On Wednesday I start another round of trails guiding contact sessions. Another busy week ahead!

Between now and the 17th I am studying for my trails guiding theory exam. My eyes are a bit tired from all the reading – lots to learn!

PS: If you like to know more about the Advanced Rifle Handling Course go to


3 Replies to “Advanced Rifle Handling – DONE!”

  1. Way to go Christian!! Nice shooting. Saturday sounds great, Monday and Tuesday I think I would have to wish it was Wednesday already (not much for snakes!) Be safe, have fun. Good luck on your upcoming exams.I’m sure you will do just fine. From me to you, Have a great one.

  2. Congratulations, Christian! Best wishes for your exam. The Land Rover course sounds like fun and you will enjoy your snake handling course, I know!

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