Cobras, Pythons, Boomslangs and Mambas

I had a very exciting day and I am very happy that I got my snake handling competency certificate. This morning started with working on various staged situations where I had to remove snakes from various places (Gardens, rooms and trees).

The first snake was a Puff Adder, followed by two Snouted Cobras and two very fast Mozambique Spitting Cobras (I had to catch these on the run!). In the afternoon I learned how to catch African Rock Pythons and how to get a Boomslang and a Black Mamba out of a tree.

One of the Khamai staff members took a few pictures of me working with the Python, the Boomslang and the Mamba (see below). In an assessment at the end of the course I had to capture two snakes (a Puff Adder and a Snouted Cobra) from a garden shed. I passed the assessment! I learned a lot and I hope that I will be able to help with needed snake captures once I am back in Kwazulu Natal. It was an excellent course.



Pictures (2): African Rock Python Capture



Picture: Boomslang Handling



Picture: Black Mamba Capture from a Tree

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7 Replies to “Cobras, Pythons, Boomslangs and Mambas”

  1. It seems for a little R&R after the course they should have a short workshop on ‘dancing the momba’ or maybe drinking a ‘momba’ ? (joke)

  2. Oh My Gosh!!!!! What snakes. You are BRAVE!!That snake stick sure is short,it needs to be about three foot longer or more.You are very focused in the pics.Did the people behind you make you nervous at all?Just to know that they were watching would make me nervous. Congrats on your certificate,you deserve this one for sure.Have A Great one, be safe,as your off to the next adventure.Whats next??

  3. Holly cow Chris, the Python sure was not happy to be part of the training.
    I applaud your bravery. I am sure it was an adrenaline rush
    I would have been running for the nearest tree! LOL..
    You have come a long way, a real professional guide… proud of you Chris!!

  4. Wow, nicely done mate, congrats on succeeding all those courses in the last few weeks!

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