Almost mating!

It was a rainy day today and the morning started with a walk in cold and wet conditions. We heard a pair of Leopards mating. So we fetched a game viewing vehicle to have a look at the mating pair (as it is not a good idea to view mating Leopards on foot :-)).

We watched them for quite a while. The female was quite eager, but the male was not interested at the time. He was just grooming himself intensively. The short video shows a mating attempt initiated by the female. It was the first time that I saw a male and female Leopard together in the wild.

PS: I only had my “Point and Shoot” camera with me on the walk, so the picture and video are not SLR quality, but I thought some of you might enjoy the experience.


3 Replies to “Almost mating!”

  1. Hi Christian, I hope the Leopards are successful, and are able to expand the Leopard population. Also it sure would be nice to see some little ones around and maybe have the amazing opportunity to see them grow in the wild into adults.I wish for you to see this pair many times.Have A Great Day and Good Luck on your exams!!

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