And then the sky opened!

I do not know that my Land Rover Driving course experience would come in useful so soon. Today the sky opened up during game drive and within minutes hard rain converted some of our roads into streams. We were in an area with predominately clay based soils far away from the lodge. With a lot of momentum and the superb bad-road-condition-capabilities of the Land Rover Defender I got us home safely. We were all wet to the skin 🙂 The four children on the vehicle thought that the drive was a great adventure.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is for 100% rain. Another hectic driving day coming up!

I got no pictures from the drive (I was busy negotiating soapy roads!), so I thought you would enjoy the picture of these two Eagles I took earlier this morning. The first is of a Tawny Eagle and the second is a Wahlberg’s Eagle.


2 Replies to “And then the sky opened!”

  1. Looks like some of the trees are in a budding state.Would the Wahlberg’s Eagle be that of a Juvenile?Or will he change in colors?Rain or sunshine I’m sure you will make the best of the day!I had my first adventure of hunting and shooting deer (with my camera) early this morning.So much fun, may have to do it again in the morning!Looking for that big buck!Have a Great One!

    1. Thanks for your comment Lisa – Wahlberg’s Eagle can have various color variations – from pale, over intermediate (most common) to dark. This is a dark adult bird perching on a tree just outside Thanda house. The intermediate color version gets often mistaken for a Tawny Eagle.

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