Dogs and Neighbors!

Our African Wild Dogs decided recently to slip through the fence of the reserve and take a “vacation” on a neighboring farm. The owner is not very happy about his visitors – not surprising as the six adult and nine puppy dogs eat a lot of meat!

We are currently capturing the dogs and bringing them back to Thanda. They will be kept in a boma until the fence has been fixed.

The first picture shows the dogs in the twilight on the neighbor’s land.

The second picture is of one of the cubs. It squeezed through the boma fence and took a little day trip across the savanna – but never going far from the boma with the adults in it.

4 Replies to “Dogs and Neighbors!”

  1. Christian,

    I am really enjoying your blog every time you send one. I will be somewhat near you for two weeks in Africa but way up in South Sudan on a mission trip. It is just six of us and wish we could drop by but the time and cost will not allow. Maybe another time.

    Michael Blake Northwest Tennessee Photo Club

  2. What exactly is a boma fence?Since they are wild dogs, how are you able to round all of them up?

  3. I don’t know if you were at the zoo, but at once time we had w Wild African Dogs. They were kept where the Anteaters are now Darla


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