When I drove towards Thanda House this morning I saw a few yellowish spots in a tree, which we not there before.

When I came closer I was surprised to see Lions lounging in a tree next to the road. And I was even more surprised to not only see the juveniles in the tree, but also one of the big Lionesses.

I watched them for a while (and they me :-)) until they decided that it got too hot up there and they moved across the road into thick (and cool) bush.

It was as that they wanted to proof the point I made with a picture I published yesterday (Lions and Trees –

6 Responses to “Proof!”

  1. lisa

    Awesome pics. The one sure has bristled up. How do you ever make it to work on time? I would be doing the same thing, Have a Great One!!

  2. Rita Buice

    Christian, everything looks so lush and green! We are in our orange, yellow, green and brown seanson and everyone thinks of you often!! Keep on having fun!! Rita

  3. Kathleen Kester

    Love these pics! Of course, they would provide proof for you. You are their friend. I seldom miss reading your posts. Love keeping in touch with your new life this way but I would rather be eating Korean.

  4. David

    It toke me a while 2spot these tree climbing felines, what an amazing moment… So comical:-)


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