Qualified :-)

I am now a qualified “Backup Trails Guide”. I have just received the certificate from FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa).

I have also passed my “Advanced Rifle Handling” course and once my rifle competency is registered with the South African Police I can start walking with clients in areas with “potential dangerous game”

The next step is to log another hundred hours of walking and another fifty encounters before I can be assessed as Lead Trails Guide. This will take quite a while.

Have a good week – mine is already very good 🙂

PS: The picture shows me walking as Trails Guide during my recent course – Picture: Craig Fitt – Thanks

15 Replies to “Qualified :-)”

  1. Hi Christian congratulations and well done on these achievements! A lot of hard work and dedication on your side has certainly paid off. Good luck in the bush and may you and your clients have many “happy and safe” encounters out there! Give our love to the bush and all the best for the future.

    Kind regards
    Andre and Marge Meyer

  2. Congrats Christian on your new qualifications. Job well done. I’ve always felt that you would achieve many great things there. This is where you were meant to be in your life, it just fits you.Enjoy each day to the fulliest making each one better than the day before,I’m sure you will.Always be safe as you journey through the bush. Have a Great One (you are missed here!)

  3. Very proud of you Chris! Well done with following your dream. We miss you and will shortly give you some dates to come and visit.

    I was thinking around Annelize and my wedding anniversary in January (24th).

    Kind regards


  4. Congratulations! Proud of you! It is empowering to learn new skills isn’t it?

  5. Nice black and white bit edit ^^ Congratulations on the qualification my man!

  6. Congrats Chris. I love , love your communiques and totally look forward to them. BE SAFE! Fran Kaufman Memphis

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  7. Christian,
    Congratulations on your qualification as a “Back Trails Guide”. It sounds as if your enjoyment of the lifestyle and opportunities grow with each day. I’m glad that you’re able to “live the life”!

  8. Congrat on passing FGASA. It sounds as though you have found your “home.” I still love seeing your pictures. I really love the lions. The young cub on his uncles back to see over the high grass was a favorite. Darla Nashville, Docent


  9. Congratulations!!! Jack and I enjoy receiving your pictures so much. You are a very talented photographer. Velma (Docent)

  10. I’m with Rick on this…may you never have to pull the trigger! Be safe…be happy…and keep the pictures and interesting info coming. They make my day!

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