Seven without the Five :-)

These are seven images I took during the holiday season – when my Internet connection was down.  They are part of my “Without the Five” series (images 5-11).

– A colorful Caterpillar (I have no idea what species this is)
– A Thanda summer sunrise
– A morning bush scene with Giraffe and Buzzard
– A Spotted Eagle Owl in the moon/spot light (this image is a “merge” of two pictures from the same scene)
– A male Cheetah in motion
– A Red-billed Oxpecker resting on a Buffalo horn
– A Praying Mantis sitting on my car

Enjoy these beautiful images from my African home!

20130101 - CS2_6038 - E - SIG20121231 - CS2_5731 - E - SIG20121224 - CS2_4805 - E - SIG20121217 - CS2_3474 - E 3 - SIG20121220 - CS2_4286 - E - SIG20121221 - CS2_4340 - E 2 - SIG20121223 - CS2_4645 - E - SIG


8 Replies to “Seven without the Five :-)”

  1. Wonderfull photos so enjoy looking at u r blog each day to see what is happening at thanda and look forward to the time michelle and I can get back. To see it all ourselves

  2. Christian, what great photos! I had the privilege of attending one of your last animal photo classes at the Nashville Zoo which gave me access to you blog. Keep up the great work.

  3. Beautiful pics. Nice editing. One day I hope to learn how to do the special editing. So far it’s still like Greek to me.Thanks for sharing and Have A Great One!

  4. Hello fellow field guide 🙂 I’m sure that caterpillar turns into a dice moth. Have a relaxing leaveB-)

  5. Outstanding Chris! Each is wonderful… I was happy to see the owl, I love them. The cheetah is awesome, I like how you captured the movement and kept the clarity around the face! Wow! The B&W Cape Buffalo with the bird in color is a nice touch too! I enjoy your blogs and your photos tell it all, thanks for sharing!

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