What does a professional Field Guide/Wildlife Photographer do when he is off work and does not have to drive guests in a game reserve?

He goes to another game reserve and drives for the whole day – just for fun 🙂

Today I was the first time in famous Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve. I had many good sightings (Elephants, White Rhinos, Buffalo  Giraffe, …). But my favorite pictures of today are of Chacma Baboons. I watched a family while they were bedding down in a tree for the night.

Enjoy the pictures!

20130109 - CS3_1861 - E - SIG20130109 - CS3_1844 - E - SIG20130109 - CS3_1796 - E - SIG20130109 - CS3_1754 - E - SIG20130109 - Collage 1957

6 Replies to “Hluhluwe/iMfolozi”

  1. Thanks Christian – I enjoy your daily postings – brings me back to the Zululand bush, except for the sounds, smells & mozzies – helps ease the Canadian winter – best rgds and have a great 2013 – Tim ~~

  2. I love these pics! The youngster in the first one looks like he is saying “But WHY do I have to go to sleep?”

  3. Christian Awesome Pics. Love the little one, he’s precious!Pic-1 makes one think just what is he saying to mom. Glad you had some time to be in a more relaxed setting, doing what you enjoy so much.Looks like another great place.

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