A summer evening with rare guests!

When we were looking for Rhinos in the South of Thanda Private Game Reserve we came across some very rare guests.

20130127 - Collage 1714

A few Woodland Kingfisher were displaying to one another in the Fever Trees along the Mduna River.

20130127 - CS2_9228 - E - SIG

A little later found a female White Rhinoceros and her calf and ended the game drive with gin&tonics – enjoying a beautiful summer evening in the bush!

20130127 - CS2_9259 - E - SIG 20130127 - CS2_9257 - E - SIG

8 Replies to “A summer evening with rare guests!”

  1. Africa has so many beautiful colored birds. Love the scenic picture, looks like a wonderful evening. Have a Great One. Have Fun on your upcoming trip.

  2. Think that beak gets heavy??? Beautiful birds and your landscapes are lovely. Typical dreary winter day in TN so enjoyed seeing such beatiful color.

  3. Beautiful photos gin and tonics certainly sound very good am so enjoying all the wonderful photos and the commentaries that go with them really makes u want to be there
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  4. Christian, You make me so jealous and wish I could be in the bush again. The kingfishers are actually Woodland Kingfishers as they have the black eye-stripe ending behind the eye and the bill is red above and black below. The adult Mangrove Kingfishers have a complete red bill and In South Africa the black eye-stripe does not extending to the back of the eyes. I will need your new postal address for your free copy of our new book that will be published shortly. Regards
    Saartjie Kidson

  5. Those kingfishers are magnificent. If you like vodka you might want to think of mixing that with your tonic as gin is bad for your skin. You are out in the sun a lot and need to take care of your skin. Enough Mamma stuff.

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