Mating sounds!

How about waking up in the middle of the night and hearing the sounds of mating Lions nearby?

When we met some of our guests for morning game drive they claimed that they heard the Lions all night. We drove up the hill in front of the lodge to investigate and found our dominant male and the oldest female of the South pride less than 100 meters from the Lodge.

The Thanda guest were most impressed how close they were all night to these formidable cats.

20130129 - CS2_0068 - E - SIG

The picture shows the male Lion with the Thanda Luxury Lodge in the background. The female was hiding a few meters away in the bushes.

5 Replies to “Mating sounds!”

  1. Very exciting to have the lions so close to the lodge
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  2. that is so amazing, I wish I could be on a couple of your game drives, you just do so much for getting the best experience out of the bush! Well done Christian, superb.

  3. Hello Chris, I AM SO SORRY I MISSED YOUR CALL!!! Thanks for trying! Try again to call if you have time. SO SORRY!!


  4. Christian, you always seem to get great pictures that bring out what Thanda has from the wild side of things. It’s just purrrfect . It has a special touch, seeing the beautiful lion off to the side,wonderful grassland and the lodges atop the hill. How Awesome. Have A Great One.

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