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I have been asked by many of my blog readers if I could have more of my wildlife images online.  Well, I have uploaded over 380 images which I took since my arrival in South Africa in June 2012. I will add new images every month and the new images will always be at the beginning of the gallery.

Here is the link to the new 2012/2013 New Wildlife Images Gallery :

Enjoy your weekend!

PS: The picture above is my new Facebook Cover!

5 Replies to “More …”

  1. Absolutely lv this photo
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. Can’t wait to have time to view the pics in slideshow, I have one in mind for a canvas wrap.I have just put it off. Now there may be to many to choose from. Christian you like to do a quizz form time to time, Out of only the pictures posted to your blog Which do you think would be my favorite (Hint it would be a cat) . Have A Great One.

  3. Chris I have looked forward to and enjoyed all the beautiful pictures you have sent i your blog.  I hope we will see them for a long time Thank you Darla


  4. I love this photo too! This (young) male looks like he is in luxury! Thank you for sharing!

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