Outside the house!

20130226 - Collage 1500 - E - SIG

When I lived in the USA and in Europe I used to see children playing outside my front door, I saw joggers on their morning runs and dog owners out on a stroll. Occasionally a car came by and if I was very lucky when I got to see a bird from time to time.

My front door view has changed 🙂

I regularly see Giraffe, Buffalo, Elephants, Rhinos and many different other species around the house. Today the Thanda North Pride of Lions walked by the garden fence.

I saw the young mother with her cubs and our juvenile male at the fence. The other four Lions were already resting under a Fever Tree near by.

What a place to live!

20130226 - CS2_4055 - E - SIG


4 Replies to “Outside the house!”

  1. What a place to live couldn’t agree with u more
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  2. Looks like they are as interested in you as you are in them. Wonder what she is having to say about you to her cub???

  3. What a very tranquil view. Reminds me of the good ole days out on the farm, except you have awesome animals roaming your place. Have a Great One!!

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