Not your best day!

Imagine you are a Lion!

You are feeding on a Zebra kill and you had already a lot to eat. So it is a bit hard to move with your full belly. And just as you feel ready for a snooze a herd of Buffalo is crashing the dinner site of your family. They chase all of you around a bit.

20130304 - Collage 1311

20130304 - CS2_5591 - E - SIG

You climb a tree and find out that the tree you chose was not high enough.

20130304 - CS2_5620 - E

You growl at the Buffalo and they get even more agitated than they already were.

20130304 - CS2_5606 - E - SIG

At the right moment you jump out of the tree and you flee to the next tree.

20130304 - CS2_5718 - E - SIG

There you wait until the annoying bulls and cows are gone.

Only then can you re-join your other eight family members (coming down from other trees) to continue the meal and the now well deserved snooze.

Not your best day!

A very special sighting at Thanda Private Game Reserve 🙂

9 Replies to “Not your best day!”

  1. How awesome you got to see the entire story unfolding, just a great story to tell. Love it that by following your blog I still think of Thanda and South Africa every week. Keep up the good work 😀

  2. I too love hearing how events of the day playout with the wildlife at Thanda. The photography is outstanding. It’s not an easy life, but I sure do love nature… thank you for sharing!

  3. Loved this story of the lions and the buffalo would make a good childrens story book
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  4. I have to agree with the person that wrote the first comment to this story – what a wonderful way to keep all your lovely memories alive by following your blog! Safely back in the cold weather in Sweden my thoughts go to you, Beki and Thanda almost every day. Once again, thanks a million for making our stay at Thanda to an experience I will treasure for life! I am a bit envious though – I would have loved to see the sequence above live!

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