New Arrivals!

20130411 - CS2_9604 - E -SIG

Hundreds of additional Impalas, Wildebeest, Nyala, Zebra and Kudus are arriving over the next few weeks at Thanda Private Game Reserve. This large number of additional plains game will enhance the excellent Thanda Game Drive Experience even further. Besides seeing the Big Five on daily drives it is very exciting to see large groups of these herbivores roaming on the reserve.

Thanda will also receive additional Cape Buffalo Bulls. Together with over 30 Buffalo birth in this rainy season, this will bring the number of Buffalo at Thanda to well over 160.

The images show the release of Impala and Wildebeest onto the reserve…

… and this is a link to a short video from one of the Impala arrivals:

20130411 - C 1408 - E - SIG

20130411 - CS2_9643 - E - SIG

4 Replies to “New Arrivals!”

  1. Exciting news – I was at Thanda about 4 years ago and the game drives were wonderful then. Would be great to see it grow. I never did get chance to spot some of the resident wild dog – still on my wishlist even now

  2. Awesome action shots. Excited for you and the Thanda quest for the new additions . May I ask -How were they able to roundup so many at one time and where do they come from? Enjoy your new animal friends,Have a Great One.

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