Get a meal!

Imagine you are a Cheetah male!

You have not a had a meal for a while and you and your brother are getting hungry …

20130413 - CS2_9820 - E - SIG

… you stalk some newly arrived Impala. It is a good thing (for you not them) that they do not know the area so well yet 🙂 and …

20130413 - CS2_9792 - E - SIG

… you got one. And after a good and hasty meal (not touching the prey’s stomach – its smell could attract some nasty company) …

20130413 - CS2_9920 - E - SIG

… you can hardly move …

20130413 - CS2_9915 - E - SIG

… so you decide to clean yourself up a bit and get some needed rest – A good day!

20130413 - CS2_9930 - E - SIG

4 Replies to “Get a meal!”

  1. love these stories, too bad you didn’t get the kill shot
    How is the new cheetah doing? You still see her every now and then?

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