7 Replies to “Welcome home!”

  1. Magnificent photo of the male lion
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!! One year at Thanda and in a few days another birthday and I hope that it is as fun as you had last year. Thanks for sharing all the great beauties of your land. I enjoy each and every post. and I hope to see it first hand one day, Always be safe and Have A GREAT ONE . From your worst student at Nashville Zoo. Christian Great Job.

  3. It is impressive (to say the least) to hear a lion roar. This male jaw shows signs of a rough life. I can tell that he is older too. Is he still the dominate male of the pride?

    I remember when you moved to Thanda last year, the year has passed so quickly. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome photos and adventures!

  4. Happy anniversary, Christian! It really is hard to believe that you have been at Thanda for a whole year. However, if one considers the huge number of the most exciting and beautiful animal photos that you have showered on us, it feels more like it should be your 100th anniversary. Please, keep it going!

    *A footnote for the lion above welcoming you –
    Could it be that perhaps he was actually complaining that he had eaten too much? Take a look at his belly.

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