Cold Sunrise!

20130619 - CS1_9879 - E - SIG

When I left Thanda at sunrise our two male Cheetah walked directly towards me. In this picture the “visible” Cheetah’s breath is a sign for a cold winter’s morning in Kwazulu Natal.

I spent an enjoyable day at a hide in Mkuze Game Reserve and I will post a few of today’s images in the near future :-).

… and thanks for all the kind birthday wishes!

20130619 - CS1_9843 - E - SIG

6 Replies to “Cold Sunrise!”

  1. Lovely photo of the cheetah in the cold morning
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. Looks like a start to a beautiful day. Filling the lungs with the cool morning air is somewhat a refeshing feeling in it’s self.

  3. I love back lit photos! The first one, the close up is particularly good. I spent a few minutes looking at the cheetahs feet, muscle structure and the love backlit hair. Being a professional wildlife artist I naturally look towards the details. Thank you for sharing the chilly morning photos!
    Happy Birthday… uhmm ~ week! 😉

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