I am a big Lion now!

20130819 - CS3_4990 - E - SIG

“Well, you probably have seen many pictures of me since last year.

Since this funny German photographer arrived here at Thanda we have had to pose constantly for pictures. But this way all of you Thanda fans got to see me, my brother and my two sisters growing up. Don’t I look like a big Lion now?

Christian – that’s the photo guys name – took his shot this week when I and my family were relaxing after a really big meal. Mom and grandma could hardly move and my cousin did not stir for hours. What a day!”

A blog message from a lion’s point of view 🙂

20130819 - CS3_4846 - E - SIG


3 Replies to “I am a big Lion now!”

  1. That’s great story, love the way it was written. This is the kind of story I been waiting to hear.I knew you could do it. Awesome I Say, Just Awesome xx10. Keep it up!! Don’t let me forget the awesome pictures too. The one looks like me after a big Thanksgiving dinner(can’t move)!! Have A Great One!

  2. Christian: I really enjoy your blogs! I’m a wildlife painter, and was wondering what it would take to use some of your images for painting subjects? Best regards, Mel.

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