BIRDS – Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

20130822 - CS2_1258 - E - SIG

For the many bird lovers among my blog audience I am starting a new posts series. The first image is of two Emerald-spotted Wood Dove, small doves with beautiful emerald-colored markings on their wings.

I am planning to post at least one special bird image per week.

5 Replies to “BIRDS – Emerald-spotted Wood Dove”

  1. Thanks for the Emeral-spotted Wood Dove Photo. It’s beautiful! I’ve never seen before.

    Here in South Carolina, on the coast, we have a crazy woodpecker. For some reason, he gets up on our roof, then to the chimney which is metal. He pecks away on that metal and you can hear it all over the house! He’s confused but I love to hear him up there anyway!

    Red-headed, North American Pileated Woodpecker:

  2. An outstanding photo! Yes the emerald on the wings is beautiful. Catching the other dove clearly in flight –> Outstanding! 😉

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