Angry under the sun!

20130930 - CS3_9241 - E - SIG

When this young Lioness saw Thanda’s dominant male approaching she got very upset. She started growling in his direction and her four cubs ran for cover. She then prevented the male from following the cubs by blocking his way.

All of this happened under a beautiful morning sky with a colorful rainbow. What a sighting!

20130930 - CS3_9237 - E - SIG

20130930 - CS3_9305 - E

20130930 - CS3_9318 - E

20130930 - CS3_9337 - E - SIG

3 Replies to “Angry under the sun!”

  1. OF course all the photos are outstanding! They always are! Momma said get the @%$#^&%!! away from my cubs, and she meant it! Handsome Lion! Gorgeous Lioness! Adorable cubs in the cover of grass! Thanks for sharing Chris!

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