BIRDS – Crowned Lapwing – Watch the Eggs!

20130924 - Collage 1955 - E - THANDA

At the afternoon drink stop we spotted this Crowned Lapwing watching over its nest. We kept quite a distance not to disturb the bird further and a few seconds after this shot was taken the parent went back to sit on the eggs while the Thanda guest had their drinks at sundown.

For the photographers among you: This images is a “collage” of two shots. One was focused on the eggs and one on the bird. The “dual planes of focus” are accomplished by merging the two images.

One Reply to “BIRDS – Crowned Lapwing – Watch the Eggs!”

  1. Enjoy seeing all the different kinds of birds there. Seems like the egg survival rate would be low sense she is nesting on the ground without much protection from being crushed by other animals. So is this bird considered a rare bird in Africa? Have a good one!!

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