Thanda Lion News!

20131021 - CS3_1639 - E - THANDA

To maintain a healthy Lions gene pool and to control the number of Lions on Thanda, five of these magnificent cats have been moved to a new section of the reserve (called the Mduna Royal Reserve). The two adult females, two cubs and the dominant male will form a new pride in an area which had no Lions until now.

A film crew from the UK ( recorded the capture and transfer of these Lions to the Mduna. In this image the Lions were still sedated as the Thanda Wildlife Team and the attending Veterinarian performed a “physical check” on each Lion.

20131004 - CS1_9878 - E - THANDA

One day after this re-location procedure Thanda’s new dominant male was release onto Thanda. Only a few hours after his release he started mating with one of the females, who was waiting for him outside the boma 🙂  see previous blog from 16 October:

If you are interested to actively participate and contribute in Thanda conservation activities please contact for more information.

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