My first week!

From Thanda’s dominant male Lions point of view …

20131030 - CS1_2866 - E  - SIG

“It was a hard first week, but what a place! As soon as they let me out of the boma – which was pretty nice, by the way, with full room service and everything – the Thanda Lion ladies were most hospitable…

20131023 - CS1_1877 - E - SIG

… The first three days I spent with the most experienced female of the North pride and when she left I was pretty exhausted …

20131028 - Collage 1905 - E - THANDA

… From time to time these strange rolling animals with lots of round eyes came by. One can’t eat them so I just ignore them …

20131028 - CS1_2775 - E - SIG

… On Thursday a younger Lion lady showed up and she was very forthcoming. But I was just too tired. Maybe next week …

20131030 - CS1_2844 - E - SIG

… I was just “lion” around when another of these large animals with the round eyes came by – it must like me!  It followed me for a while …

20131030 - CS1_2853 - E - SIG

… when I heard another male roaring. I decided to investigate. The funny animal was still following me ?:-)

20131030 - CS1_2858 - E - SIG

… I showed it how to sharpen my claws – just in case! …

20131023 - CS1_1842 - E - SIG

… and then the strange animal almost got stuck in the muddy ground – which gave me quite a scare – Now it is gone and I will have a little rest – what a first week!”

This is a “record” of the new male Lion’s first week at Thanda Private Game Reserve, observed by many Thanda guests (sitting in the strange rolling animals with the round eyes :-).

4 Replies to “My first week!”

  1. Wonderful story of the lions first week he has certainly been given an excellent welcome hopefully in due course we will have some cubs
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. A very cool lions’ perspective of his first week there. Awesome, outstanding photos!!!

  3. Awesome story and pictures. He’s probably hoping that the weeks to come will be more exciting.He says Thanda is an awesome place to be. Love the one of him sharpening his claws.Thanks for sharing and Have A Great One.

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