In front of the camera :-)

20131107 - CS2_4022 - E - SIG

Photographers seldom end up on pictures. Well, there are not very many pictures with me in them, especially not during interesting wildlife operations.

But at this Rhino darting operation one of the subjects of my pictures (it was actually Kingsley Holgate, a well known South African explorer, humanitarian and author – who was present during the operation) took the camera away from me and shot this image. Thanks!

20131107 - CS2_4119 - E - SIG

And then a member of the wildlife team took this image with all the guides, trackers, game guards and the Rhino boy involved in this procedure.

So, two picture with me in it in one day – must be a record 🙂

3 Replies to “In front of the camera :-)”

  1. Awesome pictures, My favorite is #2. Is that a white Rhino? What was being done to the Rhino? If you can share that info. Have a Great Day!

  2. Brings back some fantastic memories and someone that I had forgotten about – ‘good old Kingsley’
    Would be great to know where the shot was taken?

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