Welcome back!

We had not seen the Thanda Cheetah female and her cubs for quite a while. So it was exciting moment for the Thanda guests, the tracker and the guide when the Thanda Wildlife Management announced over the radio that the three Cheetah had been spotted.

When we arrived at the scene the female had just killed a baby Impala. Her two cubs – a boy and a girl – started feeding immediately while mum kept a watchful eye on the surrounding.

We stayed for almost an hour observing these beautiful cats.

20131126 - CS1_5463 - E - SIGThe Cheetah mum catching an baby Impala.

20131126 - CS1_5548 - E - SIGThe young boy is smacking his lips after a good meal.

20131126 - CS1_5489 - E - SIG - 400The little girl is having a look at bird flying by.

20131126 - CS1_5499 - E - SIGCheetah family assembled for breakfast.


4 Replies to “Welcome back!”

  1. They sure have grown, since your last pics. Mom seems to be doing a great job providing for her young. Are they old enough to start learning to hunt or are they still completely dependant on mom?

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