Walk to water …

Imagine you are a two month old Thanda Baby Elephant …

20140128 - CS1_9856 - E - THANDA

“A hot day today. Mum is walking very fast. Grandma wants to find water. So we walk and walk and walk. I wish I had longer legs.

 20140128 - CS1_9827 - E - THANDA

That grass is too high – Being the smallest is no fun 😦

I can’t see a thing – mum wait!!!

20140128 - CS1_9870 - E - THANDA

OK – That’s better!

 20140128 - CS1_9860 - E - THANDA

Oh, I got an itch! Mummy, don’t move, I am gonna use your legs as a rubbing post.

Yes, yees, yeees – much better!

20140128 - CS1_9874 - E - THANDA 

I am thirsty – let’s go!

20140128 - CS1_0008 - E - THANDA

Mummy come on – I see the water, I see the water!

20140128 - CS1_0040 - E - THANDA

Give me a bit of space, pleeeease!

20140128 - CS1_0055 - E - THANDA

That’s better!

20140128 - CS1_0068 - E - TEXT

Nice family – what do you think? :-)”

This is a “record” of a walk to water, enjoyed by many Thanda guests on sunny morning.

6 Replies to “Walk to water …”

  1. Christian,

    Thanks so much for the hard work and care you do at Thanda and the pictures you take and share. I never miss any of your emails and pictures.

    Michael Blake Photo Club in Northwest TN Part of Tour You Gave in Nashville

  2. Christian, I love it. These little stories are wonderful. This one maybe the best so far.Makes one put their self in the eyes of the little-ones. I hear your working on a book, that will be Awesome I’m sure. Have A Great One and Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yeah, I was just thinking it’d be a lovely book too. Your capture was awesome! Thank you for sharing Chris.

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