Smooth and Rough – Female and Male!

20140125 - Collage Giraffe - THANDA

I recently took these images of a female and a male Giraffe on Thanda. Without looking at the rest of the animals it is quite clear which one is the male and which is the female.

Smooth lines and hairs on top of the ossicones (the horn-like extensions of the skull) define the female head. A rough outline with many calluses from fighting other males and being bold on top of the ossicones shows a distinctly male head.

So, when looking trough binoculars and seeing only the head of a Giraffe sticking out from the trees, it is quite easy to tell what gender animal it is!

2 Replies to “Smooth and Rough – Female and Male!”

  1. Wonderful shot and helpful explanation (though I must confess that I rarely find myself in situations in which I see the head of a giraffe poking out of the trees).

  2. How about saying she is just prettier than he is! On the serious side…love the comparison. Thanks!
    You don’t show us too many giraffs and they have been my favorite animal since we visited Kruger Park in the late 70’s. They just facinate me and for some reason they make me laugh and just in general feel good.

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