My Space or Your Space?

20140330 - CS1_5336 - E

We were watching a breeding herd of Elephants in a forest area when the matriarch decided to change direction and cross the road just where we were. Normally, if one drives to close to Elephants they give clear signs of displeasure and it is wise to adhere to these warnings by giving them their required space. In this case they decided to use our space (around the car) and they were not disturbed at all by our presence. Their usual need for distance was quite diminished. Everyone on our vehicle had a great time watching them pass right in front of us!

The little one on the left side of the picture took a good sniff from this strange animal in front 🙂 – I have left the antenna and the top of the dashboard in the picture to show the distance.

The picture below shows the youngster pointing his nose (trunk) and tongue at us 🙂

20140330 - CS1_5338 - E

3 Replies to “My Space or Your Space?”

  1. Missed this one somehow…got a kick out of the little one’s tongue sticking out at you!

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