Fun memories :-)

20110617 - CS1_9303 - E - E

During my recent visit to Pakamisa, in between riding and eating (very well I might say!), I was doing a little work on my image library.

So I came across this shot of me with a Clouded Leopard cub climbing on my head. That stirred some fun memories of my time at the Nashville Zoo, which I will be visiting again in June.

The picture was taken by my good friend Heather Robertson, the head veterinarian at the zoo.

9 Replies to “Fun memories :-)”

  1. Great shot of you, Christian! Nashville misses you–I was there at the zoo a couple of weeks ago on a volunteer day…. shoveling mulch for the goats to enjoy. 😉 Let us know when you return for your visit!

  2. Love this photo.  Hope to see you in June back at Nashville Zoo.

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  3. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you in Nashville on your visit! I have put the lessons of your photography class there to good use!

  4. Nice hat! I would have been a bit worried about those nails digging in for a better grip.

  5. Wonderful photo
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  6. What a nice memory to have. I’m sure that was a fun day.This is one of my favorite cats.Their markings are just beautiful.

  7. Hay Chris It will be good to have you visit.  I don’t think you should bring your Clouded Leopard “HAT” Love your pictures as always Darla


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