Fine Dining!

Pakamisa Food

Who knows me well, knows that I love fine dining. This is one of the reasons why I am spending so much of my “off time” at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve – also enjoying their safaris on horseback and the very comfortable surroundings.

All of Pakamisa’s food is excellent and many of the menu items are also a feast for the eyes. So during this month’s visit I did no horse/wildlife photography, but I did a food photo shoot. This is very different photographic discipline. Even so, I think the results are not too bad.

🙂 … and an interesting bit of personal trivia:

My godfather was a very successful food photographer in the 60th and 70th in Switzerland. I even served as a Child model for some of his food shots (see collage at the end of the message). Well, I think he would be happy about these images and my work as a “food photographer”!

A Pakamisa light lunch – a tasty combination – Green Bean and Cherry Tomato Salad with Beef Fillet20140422 - CS3_7177 - E 2

A Pakamisa starter – a feast for the eyes – Avocado Timbale Topped with Prawns20140422 - CS3_7363 - E 2

A Pakamisa starter – a surprising combination – Sweet Corn & Tomato Soup20140422 - CS3_7128 - E 2

A Pakamisa desert – the ultimate browny and a feast for chocoholics 🙂 – Home-made Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream20140422 - CS3_7254 - E 2

A Pakamisa breakfast – With the rolling hills of Zululand!20140422 - CS3_7069 - E 2

I loved “fine dining” already when I was young 🙂20140425 - CS0_0819

Pictures by Christian Sperka and Werner Knecht

3 Replies to “Fine Dining!”

  1. The photography of the food is beautiful…and I am most sure you would have made your Godfather proud! and you haven’t changed much at all from your childhood photos…just now have a little more weight and facial hair, but the same sincere smile is there. Love all of your photos Christian…and I look at all of them (except for the kills) 😦 but the rest I am most interested in.

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