20140504 - CS2_8714 - E

Sometimes pictures tell an exciting story. So do these!

They were taken with a 28mm (wide-angle) lens and not cropped.

Our oldest North Pride Lioness had decided to walk up to our vehicle and she had first a good look at me (picture below) and then at the guests behind me (picture above). My instruction to hold still and not move was followed without any discussion :-).

As she was in touching distance I took the picture above without moving the camera and without looking through the viewfinder (hence the funny composition). Nevertheless I thought many of you might enjoy this awesome predator’s look.

If you are interested why we were not in danger during the encounter with this dangerous cat go to https://sperka.info/why/.

20140504 - CS2_8713 - E

4 Replies to “28mm”

  1. That’s Awesome for sure. I bet everyone got a rush with their hearts pounding as she walked passed. Lucky for you and your guest the she was having a good day. I would hate to encounter thoses razors she sporting around on her front paws. Have A Great One!

  2. Oh my gosh…wish I had been there. But it must have been a bit scary. Wouldn’t you think they might recognize the sent of man and figure it out? Especially when they get that close. Hopefully not, for your guests sake.

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