One of those days!

20140705 - CS1_0655 - E_1

It was a windy winter’s day with a lot of the animals hiding in the thick bush. We drove and tracked for over two hours before we found the breeding herd of Elephants. They also had decided to feed in a very dense area and we only caught occasional glimpses. When we were about to leave the sighting, to find a nice location for our drinks stop at sunset, a dozen Elephants crossed the road right in front of us. What a sighting!

It was one of those days, which needed patience for a long time and which ended with a big reward for not giving up!

The picture above shows one of the youngsters waving his trunk before it disappeared after his mum into the bush. The picture below shows the group walking past the vehicle.

20140705 - CS1_0642 - E

3 Replies to “One of those days!”

  1. I don’t know why, but I always think of elephants being gray, even after all the pictures of them you have shared with us. Are there gray elephants?

    1. The basic skin color of Elephants are grey, but depending on the soil they use to mud themselves they take on a bit of that color. Most soil at Thanda is quite red/brown, so the Elephants appear “brownish” in most images 🙂 – Also most of the images are taken in the morning and evening hours where the light is rather soft and has therefore a higher “yellow” content.

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